air you can breathe

Phillippa Yaa is a lecturer at Witwatersrand University in South Africa. She was one of the people who attended the Franschhoek Literary Festival and the f0llow-up under the title #LitApartheid.   She did feel Franschhoek as a toxic place, with trapdoors. Here she gives her opinion on the meetings and the people who attended and … Continue reading air you can breathe

odyssean quest for a new identity

It is hard to remember. A word. An event. A smell. An atmosphere. Suppose all your memories were erased. What would happen to you? The South African writer Fred Strydom pick up this memory elusiveness. He spun a novel around it. It starts at Day Zero when humankind loses its memory, in a single blow. … Continue reading odyssean quest for a new identity

all literary prizes have institutional interest

Once a while the institutions of literary prizes are put in the spotlight. What is the influence of these awards? Who will decide who gets what? Is there a western dominance in this world of literary prizes? In this interview the Nigerian literary critic E.E. Sule is questioned about these prizes. 

race, speculative fiction and afro sf

Fortunately the writer explains at the very beginning of his article the meaning of ‘speculative fiction’. When this expressions is broadly defined it will include horror, science fiction fantasy and ‘weird’ fiction. I am not sure this helps me as a definition. Does it imply that ‘horror’ is not ‘weird’? What will happen when the … Continue reading race, speculative fiction and afro sf


Think of Addis Abeba a century ago. Reading this book by Brigitte Beil I was transported in my mind to this town and I saw the cosmopolitan character of it. People from nations far and near were mingling in this town with imperial status. It reminded me of present day New York or London. Adventurers … Continue reading Review MASKAL ODER DAS ENDE DER REGENZEIT