find out more about the authors

More on literary prizes in South Africa. This is a reference to more on the writers and their books that have been shortlisted for the 2015 Alan Paton Award and the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize. Five names you will find here. 

the magwood on books

To have a love-affair with animals. Yes, it happens. Some people fall in love with an elephant Others fall in love with a chimp. Still others want to show their affection for animals that are fast disappearing. We have shot these animals. We have endangered their habitat. We have taken over their playgrounds And now?  … Continue reading the magwood on books

the guts to go

Recently a president fled South Africa. Other flock to South Africa. One of these flockers is Asad, who comes form the Horn of Africa, not exactly a Horn of Plenty. He made his way to South Africa. The writer Jonny Steinberg happened to meet and traced his steps backwards. He talked with friends and relatives … Continue reading the guts to go