migrants only want what you want

The writer Chibundu Onuzo (from Nigeria and England) has written an article on the migrations from especially Africa to Europe. She recounts the story of her cousin. 

A few short comments:

* I wonder if the situation and the intentions of people like Mary Kingsley and David Livingstone can be compared to the situation and the intentions of the present day refugee / migrant (for whatever reason). Nor would the example of general Hannibal (Carthago, 247 BC – Libyssa, 183 BC), who went to Rome with his elephants, be a good comparison. It is always tricky to compare two historical situations.

* I wonder about the title. Do the migrants want what you (the British people? / the European people ?) want? It could very well be that a large proportion of the British people want less refugees / migrants on British soil, but this is not what the refugee / migrant wants.

* Richness is not only available in Europe, it is available in Africa as well, but on the whole the richness in Africa is poorly divided. One Nigerian thinks of buying a London soccer club, another Nigerian does not have the money to buy a proper ball. Oil has been flowing in oil rich Nigeria, but who is benefitting? And travelling the world during a gap year does not just depend on a passport, it depends on money as well. And some Nigerian young people can afford to travel to other countries, to study at overseas universities, just like some British young people. 

Here you can read the article by the writer. 

‘Everybody wants what someone else has: their job market, their weather, their cheaper housing, their better grammar schools, their lower cost of living. It is the human condition.’

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