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In a recent article in The Guardian the Nigeria-born writer Chibundu Onuzo mentions the famous missionary and explorer David Livingstone as an example of a white person who went to Africa, so why should not a black person travel unhindered to Europe. 

I just discovered a website on the life and work of David Livingstone and, indeed, he did write about Africa. So I can put him om my weblog.

Here you find the link to his life and work and books. From the Scottish village of Blantyre (1813) to 1873 and Chitambo (now Chipundu, Zambia). His final journey (accompanied by Jacob Chuma) took him to London to his final resting place at the  Westminster Abbey.

Carte de Visit, Portrait of David Livingstone, by P.E. Chappuis. Images courtesy of the Smithsonian Libraries, Washington, D.C.


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