ons is nie almal

What is the future of the Afrikaner language in South Africa? The Afrikaner language is one of the many official language in the country. In this language many works of literature have been written. The study of the language and the literature of Afrikaner (and the related language Dutch) language is being studied at universities, … Continue reading ons is nie almal

sci-fi, creative writing and

The British Newspaper The Guardian organized a modern questions and answers for the writers who have been put on the shortlist for the 2015 Caine Prize.  People could send their questions, writers answered, even when they found it hard to have an answer. When you follow this link you will get to know a few … Continue reading sci-fi, creative writing and

who’s who in south african crime

There is good number of crime writers in South Africa. Let us hope that soon the number of crimewriters will outdo the number of criminals. Here you have a nice list , compiled by Mike Nichol, with the crime writers and some of their books. Next to that is a list of the main characters … Continue reading who’s who in south african crime