chess book in isiXhosa

The bulk of my post on this African Books Blog is devoted to literature. I have spared to time for books on history and religion and some other topics. But I never have paid attention to a book on chess!! Well, here it is: a book on chess written in isiXhosa by the International Master … Continue reading chess book in isiXhosa

novels by south africa’s dickens

I find it difficult to compare writers. Each writer has its own style, its own quality. The writer of this article thinks Alex la Guma is South Africa’s Charles Dickens, the famous British author. Can we say: Charles Dickens is the British’ Alex la Guma? These matters aside, let us look at something more important … Continue reading novels by south africa’s dickens


Mr. Gérard Jacques was a civil servant of Belgium, having his first job as a colonial administrator in the northern parts of Katanga province in Belgian Congo. Later on he worked in the diplomatic service and he has been an ambassador in far flung place like Korea, South Africa and Israel. In this book Jacques … Continue reading Review LUALABA