caine prize gets the sack

This is an interview with Lizzy Attree, the director of the Caine Prize. The interview is on the foreigness of the Prize. It is probably the most important prize on African Literature, but its seat is in London (United Kingdom).

This can be an important issue, but the place a Prize has is the place given by writers and readers and publishers. When African writers, based in Africa !, prefer an other African Prize, continental or local, that is fine. It seems that all the Prizes handed out in Africa get less publicity, even from those living on the Continent. But, when many African writers live outside the continent and live a global life, then, what is the problem with a Prize based in London?

When we think the situation with the Caine Prize is a bit awkward, it is due also to all those who benefit from it and overlook local and national and continental prizes. 

Premier: Namwali Serpell won this year's Caine Prize. The first Zambian to win, she has promised to share her prizemoney with her four shortlisted finalists in what she says is an attempt to change the prize structure.


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