voices of liberia: vamba sherif

It was a long way from Liberia to The Netherlands, but Vamba Sherif travelled this road over the years. He has settled in the low lands and he writes. He writes about living in the low lands. he speaks about being a stranger in your homeland. His Liberia is never far away.  In his voice … Continue reading voices of liberia: vamba sherif

13 Year Old Joseph Bokea Launches Novel, Magic

It is not a regular thing, not even in Kenya, that a young boy publishes a book. Joseph Bokea is thirteen years young and he wrote the book Magic. It is not his first book, but I do not know if his first book has been published. In this article you will get more information … Continue reading 13 Year Old Joseph Bokea Launches Novel, Magic

don’t miss quanita and yewande

There will be another session of Long Story Short in South Africa. A recent session at a local library was cut short for the library had come close to closing hours. The door does not wait, not even for writers. Now there is another session with Yewande Omotoso and Quanita Adams. 

get inspired with one’s

A magazine prepares for a summer edition. One of the editors, present at the brainstorm session, says: Let’s make a list of books to read during the summer. Let’s make it with an African touch. And this what this magazine did.  Forget that summer is not present everywhere, some people in the very South think … Continue reading get inspired with one’s