Indeed, the madness continues from last week Tuesday when I had my post on the first installment of SPUD, the boy who went to boardingschool in South Africa and who kept a diary. The first SPUD was about the year 1990 (and the political changes in South Africa), the second installment is set in 1991. At the beginning of the book the boy John Milton (nicknamed SPUD) is fourteen years young, in the month of April he turns 15. 

Life at boardingschool continues, with minor changes. Another boy replaces Gecko who passed away, but very soon the boy leaves school, his father got into serious trouble. The girls still are present in the life of Spud, especially the girl whom he names Mermaid, after their first meeting at  a swimmingpool. In the month of Jyly the family, including granny Wombat, travels to England. At Cambridge Spud sees a bust of the famous poet John Milton. They visit Brighton, where a sister to Wombat resides. Wombat decides to stay with her sister and brother in law. The trip to England was also a kind of recce to see the possibilities of moving permanently to the land of old, but they notice life is very expensive and the real estate prices are even worse. 

The Crazy Eight (or what is left of them) have built a treehouse, where they have their parties, but the schoolpowers discover the hut. Two boys are sent away, later in the year one of them is allowed to return (thanks to a rich father ?!). 

I liked the end when the father has a breakdown and the ensuing confusion.

This session on SPUD is shorter and I see this as an improvement. Also this book has been made into a movie (2013). 

John van de Ruit – Spud. The madness continues …. – 2007

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