presenting sugar man

How to be famous in South Africa? And without knowing it. This is what happened to Sixto Rodriguez, a musician from the United States of Music.  A book was written about this intriguing event in history. A documentary was filmed about the search of finding Rodriguez, The Sugar Man.   

the black sash

It all started in the year 1955 in South Africa. An organization by women for a struggle against apartheid was started. All women who were allowed to vote were able to become a member, in practice this meant that only white women could join the organization called Black Sash. A book has been published about … Continue reading the black sash

dramatic end to film festival

She made a name for herself with her debut novel ‘Nervous Conditions’. Now there are some nervous situations in the Zimbabwean art circles.  Comment were made, remarks were posted. Tsitsi was blasted (or was she?). Race and gender and film and books. Ingredients for a new novel.  Read a newspaper story about it.