hausa book by german

The Hausa language is a very important language, spoken by millions of people. These speakers not only live in the northern part of Nigeria but also in neighbouring countries. 

Long time ago I tried to learn some Hausa, but I can only remember a few greetings. 

A German scholar has done a good job with his book on Hausa. Read more about it. 


5 responses to “hausa book by german

  1. If you have questions, I will be glad to help you.


  2. Brits did well with Hausa. There are theoretical grammar books, manuals. Hausa grammar is not complicated but there are still no exhaustive dictionaries, in my opinion. I am trying to rehabilitate my Hausa for many years, not too hard though. There are also programmes in Hausa on BBC, DW and RFI. I like programmes on RFI very much.


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