an evening with soyinka

The younger writers are flying and travelling all over the continent and the globe. Their names surface on the literary scenes that abound. But the older names are not yet forgotten. One of the names is the one of the Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka, 80 years young. An important party was held in his honour. 

4 writers to follow

Here you will get some more news about the forthcoming Open Book Festival, to be held at the southern tip of our c0ntinent. The place of meeting is Cape Town. Writers from several countries will be at the Festival. 

saskia goldschmidt on family

The Dutch author and theater-producer Saskia Goldschmidt will arrive in South Africa to participate in the Open Book festival to be held next month in Cape Town. Her second book “De Hormoonfabriek” has been translated into English, Afrikaans and German. She will talk about this book and about the world of pharmaceuticals.

yvonne owuor to raise dust

The Kenyan writer Yvonne Owuor will travel to South Africa to be present at the Open Book Festival. Always good to have Open Books, Closed Books are hard to read. The writer is expected to raise dust.  She will talk about violence and action (this action probably being different from violence as an action in … Continue reading yvonne owuor to raise dust