why i want to become ana president

He has high ambitions, this mallam, this teacher. He want to become the next president of ANA. I do not know what this ANA stands for. This a hole in my education. Maybe it stands for Association of Nigerian Authors ?  B. M. Dzukogi tells about his literary past, present and future. About the days … Continue reading why i want to become ana president

adeeko ibukun from nigeria

Here you find the official statement on the Babishai Niwe Poetry Award. A poetry Festival was held in Uganda and now the name of the winner has been made know in this official statement (at the festival it was already known 😉 ).  I assume the name of one member of the jury has been … Continue reading adeeko ibukun from nigeria


Often the diaspora literature from the African continent is seen as the literature of black writers who have left the continent and went for greener pastures, often in the United States of America. In these discussions writers from the North of Africa often are forgotten. One of the writers with roots in Morocco is Said … Continue reading Review STA OP EN LEEF, VADER