martin bossenbroek discusses

In this article the writer Martin Bossenbroek (from The Netherlands) tells a bit about the background of his well received book on the Boer War in South Africa. He looked at this war from different perspectives to mould a wider picture. One of the leading characters in his book is the the Dutchman Willem Leyds.  

young writer with big dreams

Her father is a teacher of English language and literature. His daughter started writing, but he did not like it. It sounds the start of a cruel tale, a tale of a young girl that was thwarted in her attempts to be a succesfull writer. But this is not a tale, it is the life … Continue reading young writer with big dreams

this ethiopian prince

Sometimes we get a glimpse into history. Maaza Mengiste writes about a young Ethiopian boy, whose remains are kept in the United Kingdom. Attempts have been made to get his remains back to his country of origin. To no avail.  The next step in this story by Maaza Mengiste is present situation of refugees. She writes: … Continue reading this ethiopian prince