a country made of oil

What to think about Angola? When you need a good guide to this southern African country of oil and goodwill you can take as a guide the new book by the writer Ricardo Soares de Oliveira. His book on the recent history of Angola has been baptised, discussions took place, questions were asked. What is left … Continue reading a country made of oil

how my cairo bookclub

To many reading a book is a matter of solitary confinement. You do not need other people around you. You prefer to be on your own. You travel with your book to unknown destinies and unfamiliar territories. Some people enjoy the life of a bookclub, coming together with some people and reading and talking about … Continue reading how my cairo bookclub


Henning Mankell is a famous writer with Swedish origins. Many years he spent in Mozambique and other countries. He is a writer and also of man of the theatre.  In this little book he tells about the scourge of Aids. He visits some people in Uganda who work with a small booklet to write down … Continue reading Review JAG DOR, MEN MINNET LEVER