10 notable novels about the immigrant

One of the important topics in the western world is the topic of immigration. There are more migrants outside the western world, but let us forget that for a moment. Many people from the Near and Far East and from North Africa travel to Europe in search of peace an a better life. In the … Continue reading 10 notable novels about the immigrant

zimbabwean writers feature

Africa Utopia. It sounds like like a program on television. Africa as a place, the ultimate place. Africa Utopia is a festival that celebrates the arts and culture of the great diversity of African countries and cultures.     Tendai Huchu was present. Bryony Rheam was present. And they were not the only ones.

sometimes when it rains

Poetry is something that is often kept in the hidden corners of the world of literature. And still there is so much poetry around: poetry in songs, poetry in what people tell, poetry in what people pass on, poetry in the words that are blown around by the wind, poetry in the words remembered from … Continue reading sometimes when it rains

biography writing misunderstood

The genre of ‘autobiography’ is an important genre in historical writing. I am not talking about ‘hagiography’ in which the object of the book is praised and praised and shown to be the most wonderful person in the world. A person without blemish or spot. Too many books can be classified as such. To me … Continue reading biography writing misunderstood

crime and christianity are killing

There is a centuries old clash between a tradition and invading perceptions. The invading force can be a religion, crime, modernity, dominant culture in a country, an outspoken person. Sometimes it can be an internal force as well that wants to change the tradition and bring it into rapport with the times.  In this article … Continue reading crime and christianity are killing

why don’t we think of

What is part of Africa? I often noticed that in talking and writing about African Literature some places are being left out. Many northern Africa are considered to be not part of Africa, and writers from those countries are forgotten in the quest for African Literature.  At the other end of the continent I met … Continue reading why don’t we think of