crime and christianity are killing

There is a centuries old clash between a tradition and invading perceptions. The invading force can be a religion, crime, modernity, dominant culture in a country, an outspoken person. Sometimes it can be an internal force as well that wants to change the tradition and bring it into rapport with the times. 

A masquerade dancer in AbujaIn this article the Nigerian writer Chika Unigwe writes about old Igbo traditions. What will be the future of these traditions, like the new yam festival? She shows the compromise her father lives with. She writes about the attitude of the Catholic Church (meaning the Roman Catholic Church) and evangelical churches (no names or denominations mentioned). The Roman Catholic Church has a long tradition of finding ways of absorbing local traditions into its own traditions.

The title is a bit misleading, in my perception. Chika writes about a complex situation with different church denominations who have different opinions. 


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