murray gesels met gerald petersen

A writer often needs a publishing house to get her of his book published. Self-publishing is still not a very viable option.  The people at a publishing house often work behind the pages of the book. Maybe an editor gets some fame in guiding and coaching a writer. But there are more people at work … Continue reading murray gesels met gerald petersen

somalis returning to the motherland

When people from Somalia move to another country, e.g. in Europe, they enter a culture that is different from what was theirs. They adjust or they clash. What happens when these people move back to Somalia or Somaliland? Maybe just for a holiday or for a longer period. What do they find when they return … Continue reading somalis returning to the motherland

come with us now

The Open Book Festival in South Africa is an important festival bringing together writers from different countries and different continents. Here you find a report on one of the sessions, this time on researching your story. One of those present in the panel was the Kenya writer Yvonne Owuor.