j’ai ete migrant

I have been a migrant. Over the years France has welcomed many people who left thier country of origin. We see in our present days many people on the move, refugees, migrants, looking for a better and safer place to stay. A few of the wellknown people who have moved to France in the past … Continue reading j’ai ete migrant

science fiction & fantasy

Nnedi (does she need a second name?) keeps on writing and people keep on reading her books and discussing those very same books. People come together to talk about her books, like the one with the title ‘Lagoon’. See what they are up to in Chicago, the one in the United States, not in the … Continue reading science fiction & fantasy

publish or perish in african studies

Last August a number of scholars convened in Paris, the capital city of France. The European Conference on African Studies was held there. One of those present was Stephanie Kitchen. She organized a panel, together with Hartmut Bergenthum. The title of the panel was “Publish or Perish in African Studies.”. Stephanie Kitchen writes this about … Continue reading publish or perish in african studies