we have to know each others’ histories

When you forget your past you forget part of yourself. You are rooted in your past, there it is worthwhile to remember your past, to read about your past. Not just about your own personal past, but also the past of the people with whom you do interact. In South Africa with so many different … Continue reading we have to know each others’ histories

book on “general kundy …”

I tried to do some research on this general Kundy (or Kundi). He seems to be a rich man in Angola. Rich, as in ‘very rich’. He has been a politician, a minister and an astute businessman.  António Ngula Chivinga wrote a book on this general and a reprint was necessarry.

literary criticism nourishes

It is an art to write a book. Maybe it is an art to read a book. It is an art to review a book in a proper way, to delve into the book, to see the lines drawn, to see the characters develop their life.  Robert Muponde, who lectures at Witwatersrand University in South … Continue reading literary criticism nourishes

poets speak out for refugees

Five young poets, based in London, speak out about the present refugee crisis. The crisis has been around for some time, but now it has reached the European countries (note: in western Europe, not many refugees travel to Russia).  Now these poets speak out, some of them have been refugees, left their country of origin.