book presentation ‘the black napoleon’

The name of Napoleon (the French emperor) is familiar to me. Two hundred years ago he was defeated at the battle of Waterloo (present-day Belgium). But I did not know about a man nicknamed ‘The Black Napoleon’. Next month a novel on this man will be presented. The book has been written by the Dutch-Liberian … Continue reading book presentation ‘the black napoleon’

ancient manuscript pieced

This very old. A manuscript of about 4,000 years old. It was pieced together at the Cairo Museum, under the leadership of the Egyptologist dr. Wael Sherbiny. The text and the drawing are on a leather roll with a length of 2.5 meter. Read more about this beautiful find and the painstaking work of the … Continue reading ancient manuscript pieced

literature awards: kenya too

What is the value of a literary award? What influence will it have an the fields of writers in African and the diaspora? Will prizes from outside our continent decide what is available and what will be supported en encouraged/ Or is this a bit narrow-minded?  Here you have an article on this matter of … Continue reading literature awards: kenya too