why should the colonist

It started with the writer and Nobel Prize winner Albert Camus. He was born in France and wrote many books. This is not all. Camus was born in Algeria, when this country was a French colony. In 1942 he published his “L’Étranger”, in this book the narrator Meursault kills an Arab.  The Algerian writer Kamel … Continue reading why should the colonist

chinelo okparanta on faith

When you put together the civil war in Nigeria (Biafra), faith and the gay-life you should have a few good ingredients for a good novel.  The Nigerian writer Chinelo Okparanta did put these elements together in her novel ‘Under the Udala trees’. In a few days her novel will be launched. More about the novel … Continue reading chinelo okparanta on faith

small wonder

From the north and from the south. Leila Aboulela and Henrietta Rose-Innes will meet in in a place in British East Sussex. The place is called Charleston, but I doubt this place is the origin of that famous dance called ‘ charleston’. But maybe it is the place of small wonders when Leila (from Sudan) … Continue reading small wonder