chinelo okparanta’s highly anticipated

She is one of those writers from the African continent who lives in the diaspora. In teh United States of America she works at the university of Southern New Hampshire. She is at the brink of publishing her first novel with a familiar theme for Nigerian writers: the civil war. But this is not the … Continue reading chinelo okparanta’s highly anticipated

incredible journey teaser

The issues of race and colour and identity and language are never far away in South Africa. People talk about it and write about it.  One of those who have written about it is Eldi van Loggerenberg. She has published a story about these issues. In this interview she tells more about it.

listen to award-winning author

The South African writer Ishtiyaq Shukri travelled by plane to the United Kingdom, to be more precise the city of London. He had travelled this way many times before. This time it was all different. He was not allowed to enter the country, where his wife lives. He himself has been a permanent resident of … Continue reading listen to award-winning author


These days it is all over the news: the refugees and/or migrants that are moving into Europe. In a way this is nothing new, except for the scale. For during many decades people have left home and moved to Europe. One of those who left home is the writer and actress Yasmine Allas. She was … Continue reading Review DE GENERAAL MET DE ZES VINGERS