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The South African writer Ishtiyaq Shukri travelled by plane to the United Kingdom, to be more precise the city of London. He had travelled this way many times before. This time it was all different. He was not allowed to enter the country, where his wife lives. He himself has been a permanent resident of the United Kingdom since 1997.

He made a statement about this event. Now he has written an article on London.

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One thought on “listen to award-winning author

  1. Shukri’s article is a must-read piece. Disturbing and especially timely with the flood of refugees making their way across Europe. My own country Canada has become increasingly unwelcoming to refuges and new Canadians (especially those from Africa and the Middle east who are Muslim) and sadly some of the most negative toward newcomers are themselves recent migrants.
    Shukri makes the point that migration is fundamental to the human experience.


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