sex, addiction and shattering tradition

She has written an hardhitting novel. Her name is Leïla Slimani and she hails from Morocco. It is about a woman who is addicted to sex, not the kind of topic for easy going readers. This novel gained her a prestigious literary prize in her country. The prize is named after an important hotel with … Continue reading sex, addiction and shattering tradition

michela wrong on writing

Michela Wrong has done some journalistic work on issues in Africa. Now she has set her mind to writing her novel. Africa is not far away in this novel. Her knowledge of African affairs is played out in this book that is set in the horn of Africa. She answers questions in this interview. 

a low and distant paradise

Rahawa Haile has roots deep into Eritrea. A country with a shifting history. A country with a shifting population. People have lived under foreign dominators. People have fled across the border. Just like many other people have crosses borders to find find freedom, peace at heart, prosperity, you name it. Is the place on the … Continue reading a low and distant paradise

on tony mochama

Well, this is a serious comment on the work of the Kenyan writer Tony Mochama. The writer of this article did not find anything special in a book Tony wrote, but he does not want him to deny the opportunity to write and others to read. Even when a writer has nothing to say. Does … Continue reading on tony mochama