teks van nicola hanekom

The concept of concentration-camps has often been seen as an invention by German administrators, who used the concept to the full extent in the days of the Nazi-regime, last century.  But we have to admit that the English much earlier used the concept of a concentration-camp: during the Anglo-Boer was in South Africa. Nicola Hanekom … Continue reading teks van nicola hanekom

join kabelo mabalane

You can always run away form your problems. But where do you hide? How long do you have to run? How far do you have to run? When do you get exhausted and collapse? Kabelo Mabalane (from South Africa) wrote his story of his life, a life of music and drug addiction. In a few … Continue reading join kabelo mabalane

the audacity of being a nigerian daughter

I do not know who Yobaere is. She gives some clues in her article about being a lady in Nigeria, still under the discipline of her father, after she has studied abroad. ‘Highlandblue’ has written her story, he put her and many others in the spotlight.  There are many Yobaere’s around in Nigeria. So it … Continue reading the audacity of being a nigerian daughter

olivia forsyth says

Just some background information on the two names mentioned in the heading of this article. The first name is the one of Olivia Forsyth who was born 1960 (London, United Kingdom) to South Africa. Shortly afterwards her parents moved back to South Africa. Olivia was recruited by the South African Intelligence community to be a … Continue reading olivia forsyth says


Just last week I read the news that rev. Menes Abdul Noor has passed away on the 14th of this month. He had reached the age of 85 tears. Recently I read a book on his life, written by Naiim Atef. Since 1976 rev. Noor headed what is now the largest protestant church in the … Continue reading Review A PASTOR FROM EGYPT