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Just some background information on the two names mentioned in the heading of this article.

The first name is the one of Olivia Forsyth who was born 1960 (London, United Kingdom) to South Africa. Shortly afterwards her parents moved back to South Africa. Olivia was recruited by the South African Intelligence community to be a spy. She infiltrates into anti-apatrtheid student circles, but later defected to the ANC, but was held captive in an ANC camp in Angola.

The other name is the one of Ronnie Kasril (1938). He was minister for Intelligence Services (2004-2008). He had leading positions in the ANC and the South African Communist Party.

Now Olivia Forsyth has written a book on her spying days. The title of the book is ‘Agent 407’. Her full agent number in the spying days was RS407 and her codename was ‘Lara’, just ‘Lara’, no ‘Croft’ added.

Enjoy this interview with Olivia Forsyth.



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