children stories collection

What language to use, is often a question posed by writers on the African continent. Ngugi wa Thiongo raised this question already many years ago and he took his pen and wrote in Gikuyu. This alarmed the government of Kenya. The writer must have hit the heartstrings of his audience.  In Ethiopia the Ministry of … Continue reading children stories collection

nigerian writer toni kan

How does a writer make money to live? Most writers do not sell enough book s to live by writing. Some work at a newspaper. Others lecture at an university. Now a Nigerian writer has made a new way of making a living. Toni Kan has become a brand ambassador for the Samsung Galaxy Note … Continue reading nigerian writer toni kan

when everything i thought

She raised some dust with her latest novel. The dust has settled now, but we cannot forget the past. Not the past in which this novel was written nor the past that is present in the pages of this novel ‘DUST’.  Yvonne Odhimabo Owuor is the writer of this novel, recently she was present at … Continue reading when everything i thought