conversation: zanele muholi and

For those who live in or near Brooklyn (United States of America), you have the chance to meet two artist. One is Zanele Muholi is a visual artist from South Africa and Binyavanga Wainana is a writer from Kenya. By the way: Brooklyn is named after the Dutch village Breukelen. Just like Harlem is named … Continue reading conversation: zanele muholi and


I read another book by Frank Westerman. I was impressed by his book on El Negro. Now I was given as a present another one of his books. While reading this book STIKVALLEI I made many notes to keep track of his encounters with many people and many situations and many stories. What is the … Continue reading STIKVALLEI

athol williams wins the 2015

Good news for the poet Athol Williams. He wons an important prize, to which the name of the South African writer Sol T. Plaatje has been attached. Sol T. Plaatje wrote over a hundred years ago and he has played an important role in those days.