ken saro-wiwa book competition opens

He was not just a writer, he also was an activist and he paid for it. He paid with his life.  The Committee for Relevant Art (CORA) has asked young Nigerians to write a review of any of the books written by Ken Saro-Wiwa. This is a good way of keeping his legacy in the national … Continue reading ken saro-wiwa book competition opens


Ben Okri, the British/Nigerian, caused a stir when he tackled the topic of the genres and topics in African writing. Zukiswa Wanner revives our memories in the run to the forthcoming literary sessions at several Goethe Institutes, one among them in Nairobi.  Look out for the Afrofutures Festival, starting on October 31.  

in defence of wanjala

What is the quality of literary criticism in Kenya? A debate was started a few weeks ago, with an article in a Kenya daily. There was a mention of deadwood. There was a mention of a university in Nairobi and a faculty. One of the people who was rejected was professor Chris Wanjala. Someone comes … Continue reading in defence of wanjala