what if there were no whites

South Africa has a turbulent history with a great diversity of people, people groups, ethnicities, races etcetera. Journalist and press lady Ferial Haffajee has written a book in which she examens the past and the present of South Africa. Maybe her next book will be : “What if there were no Indians in South Africa?”

an excerpt from cameroonian author

At first I thought: a novel by a Cameroonian author translated from Spanish into English? What is the world coming to!? But then I discovered that this man, Inongo-vi-Makomè, really is from the Cameroons (Francophone and Anglophone), but he has been living in Barcelona (Spain) for many years already. The title of his book is ‘Natives’ … Continue reading an excerpt from cameroonian author

authorities confiscate books

A book fair. Strange things can happen at a fair. It is normal that people buy a book. Or a publisher buys the rights for a translation. But in Khartoum the Sudanese authorities decided to confiscate books, most of them were published by an Egyptian publishing House. Let us hope those government workers were interested … Continue reading authorities confiscate books