shedding light on cecil john rhodes’ lifelong obsession

Cecil John Rhodes has made an interesting comeback in South Africa. Suddenly his name was on the lips of many, especially young people. #RhodesMustFall became popular on Twitter. His statue was looked at and brought down. Rhodes as a symbol of white supremacy and white privilege. One thing that did not fall were the scholarships … Continue reading shedding light on cecil john rhodes’ lifelong obsession

kwêla: vlam in die sneeu

The fire is visible in the snow. The heat is on and what will happen to the snow? Will it survive? The letters and notes and telegrams that have been travelling between André Brink and Ingrid Jonker have been published. The widow of Brink talks about this publication.

novelist ahmed naje faces criminal

The book passed the censor in the year 2014. The book has been in the bookshops. The book has been bought by many people. Now the writer, Ahmed Naje, has to travel to a criminal court for the publication of an an excerpt of his novel The Use of Life (استخدام الحياة). Not only the writer … Continue reading novelist ahmed naje faces criminal

nous n’avons pas vraiment fait

The Tunesia-rooted writer Hédi Kaddour has written about the relationship between Hollywood (the world of creation and misrepresentation) and North Africa, during the days of French colonial rule in the interbellum. Here you can find an interview with the writer himself.