we have now begun our descent

South Africa was on the top of the mountain in the nineties of the previous century. Nelson mandela was released from prison by De Klerk. He was elecetd president in the first free elections. South Africa was a beacon of hope on the continet of Africa. Mandela stepped dpown, Mbeki stepped down, Zuma climbed the … Continue reading we have now begun our descent

african monsters

First there were European Monsters, but the African Monsters did not want to be left out. The result is that a new collection will be published to honour the African Monsters. Many writers have contributed to the coming-out of these monsters. One of them is Nnedi, another one is Dilman Dila, let us not forget T.L. Huchu, … Continue reading african monsters

beasts of no nation and the child

The book Beasts of No Nation written by the Nigerian author Uzodinma Iweala caused a stir, in the sense that he wrote in an impressive way about the child-soldiers in West Africa. No his book has been turned into a movie and questions are being raised. What kind of image is attached to this problem … Continue reading beasts of no nation and the child

meet mabala the ticklish tale writer

This your chance to get to know about a prolific Tanzanian writer. He is a diaspora writer, for he was born British, but now is a Tanzanian citizen. His name is Richard S. Mabala. He has a wide experience in education and activism and writing books. Here you find an interview with him.   

what i read growing up in lagos

Can you remember the kind of books that you read in your younger years? Maybe these younger years were left many decades ago. Maybe you just left your younger years. Have a look at the books that Chibundu Onuzo, the young Nigerian / British writer, read in her younger days.