de-concentration, decentralisation

In many countries on the continent we see an accumulation of political and financial power in a small center in the capital city. In this book we see a ten year history of de-concentration and decentralisation. I do not know how the situation is at the present in Angola. When I think about the situation … Continue reading de-concentration, decentralisation

what’s the real nature of ahmed

Next week the Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji (1985) will see the start of his courtcase. He has been summoned because of the content of an excerpt of his novel The Use of Life. This excerpt was published in ‘Akhbar al-Adab’. But what is so special about this book that passed the Egyptian censor, and was … Continue reading what’s the real nature of ahmed

backlash after bank exec urges saving

There has been an uproar in literary circles in South Africa. An executive of a Standard Bank made a comment on how to spend your money wisely. He suggested to spend less on buying books.  Why an uproar? The bank executive has the freedom of expression.  Why ask for an excuse?  Or only writers allowed … Continue reading backlash after bank exec urges saving

10 cross-cultural novels

The world is shrinking, more and more people travel over the world settle at places that are new to them, they invade other cultures, they leave the countryside and move into towns with a complex population. These changes have left their mark in the world of literature. Here you find 10 books that address the … Continue reading 10 cross-cultural novels