#TextbooksMatter. Here’s Why

How often do you read a book? I assume that all of you who read this blog will read books, for this blog all about books. But how many people in your country of origin will read books? In South Africa only 14% are active bookreaders. There is a world to win, but the process … Continue reading #TextbooksMatter. Here’s Why

mathews phosa: let’s welcome back

A poet speaks out about the political situation in his country, South Africa. Mathews Phosa spoke at a roundtable meeting and talked about the kind and quality of (wo)manpower that is needed in the South African economy and in South African policymaking.    

2015 south african literary awards

During the weekend that recently slipped through our fingers an announcement was made concerning the 2015 South African Literary Awards. The first time these awards were handed out was in 2005. This year two writers received a Lifetime Achievement Literary Award (LALA). When you move to this article you will out the names of these … Continue reading 2015 south african literary awards