elnathan john’s debut novel on boko haram

His book has been praised before release, praised by fellow authors, not just by his publisher. Tomorrow Elnathan John will launch his novel ‘Born on a Tuesday’. A story that involves the present predicament of the jihadist movement of Boko Haram. 

a long way to the shortlist:

It is a long road for a jury to get a longlist, but is not the end of the journey. The next stage is to select the shortlist. In this article the writer traces the journey of a literary award, has a look at the other awards where the books surface. One of the books … Continue reading a long way to the shortlist:

the 2015 etisalat prize for literature

Another longlist for another literary prize.  This time Etisalat has made known the longlist. A very heavy [presence of Nigeria and South Africa, with one exception a writer from the Democratic Republic of Congo: “Fiston Mwanza Mujila”.