crucial lesson for new writers:

Suppose you have written and published a book. Now the publicity train gets underway, at the first station you have a booksigning. What will happen? How many people will turn up at the local bookshop? Will people form a long line that reaches the streets around the bookshop? Read what Zukiswa Wanner has to say … Continue reading crucial lesson for new writers:

adhiambo’s ‘dust’ best depicts

It is possible to read a novel and learn about the history of a country. The writer of this article is of the opinion that reading the book ‘Dust’, written by Kenyan Yvonne Odhiambo Owuor, tells a story about the people in Kenya. Characters are highlighted, and so Kenyan history is highlighted. 

so many responses but not

Harry Mulama  asked some questions about the state of literary criticism in his Kenya. He focussed his attention on the University of Nairobi and its department that is involved in literary criticism. Many people replied to his article and his questions. But did he get answers? Read what Harry Mulama has to say. 

at elnathan john’s book party

The writer of this article was present at the launch of the latest book by Elnathan John. The title of the book is ‘Born on a Tuesday’, and the name of the publisher is ‘Cassava Republic’. I assume there was lots of cassave to eat during and after the party. Have a closer look at … Continue reading at elnathan john’s book party

20 years since execution

President Abacha, one of Nigeria’s dicatators, is probably best known for the amounts of Naira that were taken out of the country. During his reign the writer and activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed by the Nigerian government. Since those days the many governments in Africa still do not like very much the position of activists … Continue reading 20 years since execution