populist fury against whites resembles past anti-semitism

Tony Leon launched a book written by Milton Shain. Shain wrote another study on the life of the Jewish community in South Africa. This time he looks at the period of 1930 – 1948. Leon gave a speech in which he draws lines from then till now. The politics of exclusion are never far away.

when atiku, others eulogised hid awolowo at book launch

She made some preparations herself. She did not want her 100th birthday to pass by unnoticed, even when she would not be present. On the day het autobiography has been published. Her name is  Chief (Mrs) Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo. Her book is titled “In the Radiance of the Sage: The Life and Times of HID … Continue reading when atiku, others eulogised hid awolowo at book launch


A rumour can turn into a small seed of division and destruction.  This is what I read in this little book by the Egyptian writer Bahaa Taher (1935). The story is set in a small village in close to the southern town of Luxor, Egypt. The story is told from the perspective of a young … Continue reading KHALATI SAFIYYA WA-AD-DAIR