panashe chigumadzi’s debut novel sweet

Is she a behaving coconut? This question can we ask Panashe Chigumadze. She gave a speech as a Ruth First Fellow. Now she has written and published her debut novel about Sweet Medicine. This book was warmly welcomed especially by younger readers, a world to win. Many enthousiasts turned up at the Book Lounge to … Continue reading panashe chigumadzi’s debut novel sweet

the secret love letters of ingrid jonker

They have been set in the light of the literary world and the wider world. The letters and notes and messages that passed between the South African writers André Brink and Ingrid Jonker. Letters of Love. Letters of despair and searching. Letters of reaching out and withdrawing. These ‘postillion d’amour’ pieces have been published now. … Continue reading the secret love letters of ingrid jonker


Some books are poems printed in a prosaic way. This book written by the Zimbabwean writer Yvonne Vera (1964 – 2005) is such a book. It is a long lasting poem. The war of independence and the war during independence are set in poetic ways, with poetic descriptions, so the characters and the events have … Continue reading THE STONE VIRGINS