no books, but figures (20,000 views)

On May 7, 2014 I reached 1,000 views.
On July 31, 2014 I reached 2,000 views.
On September 11, 2014 I reached 3,000 views.
On November 7, 2014 I reached 5,000 views.
On February 12, 2015,  I reached 10,000 views.
On June 22, 2015  I reached 15,000 views.
On December 11,2015  I reached 20,000 views.

“semper aliquid novi africam adferre” was started somewhere in September 2013. I copied my bookcomments from another blog I used, so you will find some with an older date. In the meantime I have added (and keep on adding) articles with an older date.

WordPress has changed the way it keep statistics. To me it means that it is a bit more difficult to find totals, as WordPress has made totals for weeks, months and years, but not for the whole periode a specific blog is active. I have mentioned this issue on a WordPress forum, but I have not received a reply.  

Most of my views come from the United States of America (8,180), South Africa (1,619) comes in second place, The Netherlands (1,532) in third  place, United Kingdom (1,284) in fourth and Canada (1,177) in fifth place.

When you look at my ‘flagcounter’ (added on 24th of April 2014) you see the United States of America are in the lead, with 44% of the visitors from 124 countries coming from the USA. This percentage of American visitors is slowly coming down. South Africa is the first African country on the flag list and on the list of views. (A unique visitor is counted once in 24 hours.)

With 1,000 views I had 32 followers.
With 2,000 views I had 119 followers.
With 3,000 views I had 165  followers.
With 5,000 views I had 228 followers.
With 10,000 views I had 321 followers.
With 15,000 views I have 403 followers. 
With 20,000 views I have 422 followers.

The day with the best score of views is still February 7, 2015 with 119 views (and 74 visitors). This was the day we heard about the death of  Assia Djebar (Algeria) and André Brink (South Africa).

The best scoring week was the week starting with January 5, 2015 with 503 views (and 314 visitors).

January, 2015 was the best scoring month, with 1.617 views (and 933 visitors).

In total I have published 2,241 posts (excluding this one). 20,005 views and 12,074 visitors. 

I will skip the moment of 21,000, 22,000, 23,000 and 24,000 views and move on to 25,000 views and then I will let you know again how my weblog is getting on.

You can follow me on Twitter as well: @booksaboutafric (313 followers).

Thanks for joining me in this discovery of books from and about Africa.

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I enjoy reading about Africa. New books. Old books. By African writers. By non-African writers. Novel. History. Travel. Biographies. Autobiographies. Politics. Colonialism. Poetry.

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