5 questions à Djouhra Abouda (Djura) : Une voix qui porte

She wrote an impressive biography on her turbulent life, both in Algeria and France. She has the gift of singing and performing, but she felt the strong need to write about her life of rejection while she tried to cater for her close and not so close relatives. In this article she answers questions, this … Continue reading 5 questions à Djouhra Abouda (Djura) : Une voix qui porte


The title of this book is title from a line by Fanon’s in his “The wretched of the earth”. ‘The condition of native is a nervous condition.’  This is a story set in the sixties in the last century, when Zimbabwe was Rhodesia. It is a story of a clash between two views on society, … Continue reading NERVOUS CONDITIONS

2016 Sunday Times Literary Awards judges revealed

Literary prizes have books and authors, but let us not forget the judges. A proper judge is as much needed as a proper book. So here you find the names of the different prizes of the Sunday Times. One of the judges is the well known author Achmat Dangor. Read here the other names for … Continue reading 2016 Sunday Times Literary Awards judges revealed

African novelists aren’t travel guides

The Ghanaian author Nii Parkes did an interesting thing in his first novel ‘Tail of the Blue Bird’. He did not limit himself to the English language, but also used two Ghanaian (or maybe better West African) languages. It was part of the story, for in his story we meet people who use different languages. … Continue reading African novelists aren’t travel guides

Ode aan die beroep van verpleging

What do you think when you hear the word ‘midwife’? You probably think about a lady who helps women deliver a baby. But the profession of midwifery is not limited to women, also men have entered this profession. One of these men is Sybrand Rynhardt de Beer, the first South African male who took up … Continue reading Ode aan die beroep van verpleging