Ode aan die beroep van verpleging

What do you think when you hear the word ‘midwife’? You probably think about a lady who helps women deliver a baby. But the profession of midwifery is not limited to women, also men have entered this profession. One of these men is Sybrand Rynhardt de Beer, the first South African male who took up … Continue reading Ode aan die beroep van verpleging


Ayaan Hirsi Ali (or as it used to be Ayaan Hirsi Magen) is a Somalia-born former Dutch politician. In this book she tells about her background in Somalia, her ancestry (very important), the clan she belongs (very important), Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Her father is involved in Somalian politics in the days of the … Continue reading INFIDEL

Zim author ‘strikes gold’ in US

The world is a small place, a town, where people move from one suburb to another. You may have been born in Zimbabwe, live in Germany, write a book that is being used in the United States of America. This all happened to Christopher Mlalazi, who wrote a book titled ‘Running with Mother’. His book … Continue reading Zim author ‘strikes gold’ in US