I took the wrong order. I first read her second book and  now I have read her first book. The writer is the Eritrean Senait Mehari, who now lives in Germany and makes a career in music. This music is a far cry from the life she lived as a childsoldier in the war of … Continue reading FEUERHERZ

Egypt jails author Ahmed Naji

The Arab Spring seems to be something of the past, a past almost forgotten by all and sundry. The tide has been turned. Fall has crept in. The Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji wrote a novel with the title ‘The guide for using life’. An excerpt was published in a magazine. Someone read it and his … Continue reading Egypt jails author Ahmed Naji


This is another story about a childhood in Zimbabwe (and its precursor Rhodesia). Stories written across the colourline, written across the lines of class and upbringing. Lauren St John writes about her youth and her life on several farms in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Her life is intertwined with these farms and the histories of these … Continue reading RAINBOW’S END


The Libyan wrtiter Ibrahimn al-Koni (1948) has become a wellknown name. His name appears on list, short and long. He was born in the desert that is available in his country of birth, but many years he lived outside his country of birth, even outside the continent of his birth. He studied and worked in … Continue reading NAZIEF AL-HADJAR


This is the fourth book by Waris Dirie that I have read. Waris is a former topmodel from Somalia who now fights the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She calles this practice a crime. I found three stories in this book. One story is the visit of her mother who is very ill to … Continue reading BRIEF AN MEINE MUTTER