In this book with autobiographical touches the French (with Moroccon roots) or Moroccon (with French wings) writer Abdellah Taïa writes about his search for a loving relationship. When he was about twelve years old he was raped by a few men, an event that scarred his life. With this burden of his past he travels … Continue reading UNE MÉLANCOLIE ARABE


For ten years this book was banned in Egypt. Yusuf wrote it in 1975, only ten years later the book could be published. Is it a problematic book ? During a reign that does not take democracy serious any book could be a problematic book.  Yusuf al-Qaid wrote not exactly about a war in Egypt, … Continue reading AL-HARB FI BAR MISR

Two Open Windows:

There is shift going on. Especially young people move from Africa to Europa. They use all available means to make it to the world of prosperity, employment, democracy, open arms, and other dreams and misconceptions. from Africa going to Europe. They look for their former colonial masters to give them a new lease of life. … Continue reading Two Open Windows:

2015 Man Booker International Prize Questionnaire: Ibrahim al-Koni

The Tuareg are present in his books. The Algerian writer Ibrahim al-Koni has a special relationship with these veiled men. He is able to write about their life, their beliefs, their mysticism, their lonely ways in the desert, wrapped in blue veils. In this interview the writer himself tells more about his work and the … Continue reading 2015 Man Booker International Prize Questionnaire: Ibrahim al-Koni


In this novel by the Algerian writer (1928–1996) we plunge into the midst of life around independence of Algeria. The main character of this book is a young married man Bashir who took up arms to fight the colonizing power France, got wounded, was treated in Tunis and East Germany (DDR). After many years he … Continue reading NIHAJAT AL-AMS

The 2015 Sunday Times Barry Ronge Fiction Prize Shortlist

The names have been called. The names of the books and of the writers of this years shortlist for the Barry Ronge Fiction Prize, with a prize money of  R100 000. Five books and five authors. Here you find the list of books (and covers) and authors.