‘Fear of causing offence becomes a fetish’

The celebrated Nigeria author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a lecture at the PEN World Voices festival. In this she talked about silence. When you decide to write you can no longer be silent. You make a statement.  But will you silence yourself again in a different way. Will you censor your own words in order … Continue reading ‘Fear of causing offence becomes a fetish’

Schrijver Jef Geeraerts (85) overleden

The Belgian writer Jef Geeraerts worked in the former Belgian colony of Congo. He did serve for the colonial government in a military capacity and as a civil servant. In the sixties of last century he started writing, first about his experiences in his former place of work. This led to books like ‘I am … Continue reading Schrijver Jef Geeraerts (85) overleden