Schrijver Jef Geeraerts (85) overleden

The Belgian writer Jef Geeraerts worked in the former Belgian colony of Congo. He did serve for the colonial government in a military capacity and as a civil servant. In the sixties of last century he started writing, first about his experiences in his former place of work. This led to books like ‘I am just a negro’ about the medical assistent GrégoireMatsombo during the days of impending and achieved independence (I wrote a booknote on this book). He wrote a series of four books titled ‘Gangreen’ with implicit criticism of society, also here his days in Congo are present in a strong way. These books with heavily criticised by readers for Geeraerts did not mince his words about the colonial days and masters and women. 

Jef Geeraerts passed away.

You can read more here.  


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