Where do I start with a review on this book ? There is this nuclear family. Father, mother and young son. Owen (47 years), Miriam (37 years) and Martin (primary school age). He is an international negotiator, from Irish descent, and working for the government of the United States and for the United Nations. She … Continue reading INTO THE NEVERNIGHT


Marie Ndiaye (1967) is a French writer with Senegalese roots, but she was born in the vincinity of Paris, the capital city of France. Already at a young age she started writing and she published many books and plays and short stories. For this book (Trois femmes puissantes), on three Senegalese women, she received the famous … Continue reading TROIS FEMMES PUISSANTES

Maduwa to launch another book

The Zimbabwean writer Tendai Humbasha Maduwa is at the brink of the launch of a new book. It is not his first book he published. His first one was published in 2013 and this was a collection of poems. Now he turns to the subject of ‘Nuggets of Success’. We will see if this book … Continue reading Maduwa to launch another book


The Liberia-born (1973) writer Vamba Sherif lives in The Netherlands. He is a man with a knack for languages. This book was written in Eglish and translated into Dutch and published in Dutch. I do not know if this book has been published in English as well.  In this book Sherif returns to his country … Continue reading THE LAND OF THE FATHERS

We are each other’s keepers

The relationship between a gun and a religion is a difficult one, throughout the ages, throughout religions. Writing this I wonder if there is a troublesome relationship between a gun and atheism as well. Or is just the religious pint of view that is troublesome to some and to many?  Laila Lalami writes about the … Continue reading We are each other’s keepers

My book on Nigerian English is finally out!

It is one thing to discuss books and language and the diversity and complexity of a language. It is another thing to publish your own book. Farooq Kperogi shows in this article the way he fared in writing and publishing. As he works in the United States of America he shows the hard way of … Continue reading My book on Nigerian English is finally out!