Where do I start with a review on this book ?

There is this nuclear family. Father, mother and young son. Owen (47 years), Miriam (37 years) and Martin (primary school age). He is an international negotiator, from Irish descent, and working for the government of the United States and for the United Nations. She is a lawyer and of Dutch descent. The boy is enjoying life.  

The story starts during a holiday on Hawai, where the three have a break and have a swimming incident, in which Miriam nearly drowns. The story takes shape on the African continent, where we enter the rollercoaster of international negotiations concerning a peace-settlement in Mozambique, international criminal organisations, with Russian, Libyan and so on backgrounds, childsoldiers on the rampage and refugees of all ages and blood diamondfields and NGO’s. During a holidaytrip in Southern Africa the family is being captured by one of those maffia-type groups. The three of them are being seperated , so no one knows where the other two are. This capture is part of an international setup to delay the progress in the peace negotiations, for there are always people who benefit more from war than from peace. 

The plight of childsoldiers and children on the run (or walk) has been painted clearly. To me that was the best part of the book.  

There are sections in this book that have a very slow progress (like the start of the book) or depend on too many coincidencies (an American embassy not being aware of a missing international negotiator and his wife and child). But still, not even these bits could keep me away from this book. 

Anne de Graaf – Into the nevernight – 2003


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