For a long time I thought that this book was an account of a real life situation. Till I started reading this book and read a bit around this book. There are two main characters in this book. One is the Ugandan dictator and soldier Idi Amin, who made himself famous thorugh is atrocities and … Continue reading THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND

A border village with friendly officials who just love reading

Crossing borders can be a difficult exercise in Africa. Not withstanding the socalled African unity there is much ground to be won in the possibilities to move from one place to another. The Kenyan writer Rasna Warah had a very nice literary meeting when she wanted to cross the border between Tanzania and Malawi. Read … Continue reading A border village with friendly officials who just love reading

Yvonne Owuor on ‘Dust’

The Kenyan author Yvonne Oduor wrote a brilliant novel on the history of her country of birth. In her novel one of the language is the language of silence. It seems that people tend to think if they keep silent, the obvious presence of an issue will shade away into the darkness and into oblivion. … Continue reading Yvonne Owuor on ‘Dust’


How often do writers incorporate bits (or many bits) of their life in their books? It seems that the Belgian writer Cottenjé (1933 – 2006) did put the familiar in the fiction. She was trained as a nurse, got married, worked on a voluntary basis in Congo (in the colonial days of Belgium) in the … Continue reading DAGBOEK VAN CARLA

Memories of Prof Mazrui, the passionate intellectual

Ali Mazrui from a coastal background in Kenya, was one of the formost intellectual powerhouses form Africa. He started his career a s a clerk in an office of an overseas company in Mombasa. In later life he became a professor at several universities in Africa and abroad. He was a prolific writer on political … Continue reading Memories of Prof Mazrui, the passionate intellectual


In this one book you will receive two stories. Mind you, not two independent stories, the first and the second, the first and the last. These two stories intertwine and get closer and closer. In one story you will read about two men, an old man Tuahir and a young boy Muidinga. They have escaped … Continue reading TERRA SONÂMBULA