Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji’s jail term

The Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji got into trouble when someone read part of his novel in a magazine. It caused the reader a sudden deterioration of his health, so the reader decided to sue the writer for the explicit scenes in the book. The judge decided to give Ahmed Naji a two year sentence (is … Continue reading Egyptian writer Ahmed Naji’s jail term


It is an increasing problem in countries where people make use of the modern ways of communications. Theft of identity. We hear about victims who lose a lot of money, who get into problems with the police, who feel they have lost control of their life. In this book by the South African writer Damon … Continue reading THE QUARRY


I just read another good book written by the author Achmat Dangor, who hails from South Africa (1948), but who has worked for many years in the Swiss town of Geneva. South Africa is still in his mind and in his heart. This book, about the bitter fruits of the independence after the years of … Continue reading BITTER FRUIT


The house does exist in Cairo, in the Garden City. The house is the center of life and the center of the family and the extended family and an elite and a political ruling class.  It is the house Samia writes about, drawing on het personal memories, and moulding it into a novel, an autobiographical … Continue reading THE CAIRO HOUSE


This is the third and last book by Choga Regina Egbeme (not her real name), a woman with a German mother Lisa and a Nigerian father. Her married mother met this Nigerian man David who led a church of the Black Jesus and had a harem in Lagos, Nigeria. Lisa leaves her husband and marries … Continue reading HINTER DER SCHLEIER DER TRÄNEN